Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Place We Call Home: Office/Guest Bedroom

Remember a couple posts ago when I explained how I delighted Sean by telling him I would like to switch a couple of rooms around?  Well this was part of the switch-a-roo.

This room used to be the dining room.  Now, picture this giant room with our small table smack dab in the center and nothing else.  Yup.  Big trouble.  Because of the size of this room and the relative amount of dining room vs office/guest bedroom furniture, I decided that function won over traditional space purposing.  Before my dear husband knew what hit him, he was knee deep in moving furniture from room to room.

A couple things before we begin:

1.  Sean and I agreed on a budget of $300 to complete the room (not including a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond or any cash I accumulated by selling old stuff on craigslist.  On a side note, I have not yet tackled selling anything on craigslist.  Once I do that, I will probably have a couple more $$ to play around with).

2.  The items we had before beginning:
             A metal/glass desk that I DETEST
             A futon with a very southwest/Aztec looking cover
             A couple of black wall shelves without a home
             A bunch of leftover picture frames
             A big, huge, ugly black desk chair (will be sold)
             An ugly oak filing cabinet  (will be sold)
             A tall, dark wood bookcase (will be used in another room)

3.  Before pictures (after everything had been moved out):


Now, the progress!!

Looking in from the dining space

The futon got transformed into a full size bed to better fit the amount of space in the room.  The duvet cover and matching stripped shams came from Walmart for a ridiculously cheap price and the yellow sheets from Target.  The yellow flower pillow on the right came from Bed Bath and Beyond.  The REST of the pillows were fantastic Good Will finds.  

The faux headboard was a do-it-myself project.  I purchased Styrofoam tiles (intended for the ceiling) for around $20, painted them yellow, and attached them to the wall with sticky adhesive squares.  

The little bedside table was a crazy $5 sale at Ikea.  The white wire lantern was a sale purchase from TJ Maxx/ Home Goods.  It was originally in the living room, but found a new home here.  

This desk has been my nemesis for eons.  Originally it was a much larger L shape w/ a corner piece and second piece the same size as the one in the picture.  Considering my tiny budget, I knew that I would have to get creative with the desk.  My biggest complaint was the glass top or as I like to call it, "fingerprint magnet".  No matter how often you clean it, the glass is still FULL of fingerprints within minutes.  As a solution, I sprayed the underside of the glass piece with interior frosting spray paint.  Once dry, I put it back on the desk and am hoping and praying that it at least camouflages the finger prints.  

The adorable yellow chair was $16 from Ikea.  

The yellow curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I definitely would not have been able to purchase these had it not been for my gift card!

This office space is where my husband will spend time working on his thesis (yes, he is getting his PhD and is crazy smart)!  Once the computer and keyboard are on top of the desk, actual work space is limited.  So, I bought three plain wood clip boards for $2 a piece.  I photocopied pages from an old electrical engineering textbook my husband had found at a flea market and used mod podge to attach them to the clipboards.  Sean can use them to hang papers/references he is using while he types.  When not in use, they just look plain funky and cool I think!

I see my clock needs a new battery!  The art was another do-it-myself project.  The tiny lantern got moved here from another room in the house and the candles/candle holders came from Target.  

The bookshelf was the biggest purchase for the room ($99 from Ikea).  We needed plenty of storage for all of my husbands books/textbooks and a couple of office supplies.  We needed to find a new solution for our files as the ugly filing cabinet was only making it into the room over my dead body.  The two gray boxes (corners of top shelf) are for file folders and were purchased at Target ($12 each).  Truth be told, this whole bookcase will be drastically changing as I haven't really moved any office supplies, etc in yet.  I kind of just put stuff on for styling purposes until I am ready to actually organize!

And....there we are!  I am happy to report that I am currently $12 under budget.  I will add that $12 to the $$ I get from selling a couple of things on craigslist and put it toward a few more things for the room.  

Here is what I would still like to accomplish....

1.  A rug.  I would actually love something plush and fluffy.  Sheepskin would be perfect.  Now, to find that on my budget....
2.  The bottom of the curtains need to be hemmed.  That will have to wait until I get a sewing machine though.    I have a request in for my birthday :) 
3.  The computer and accessories needs to be transferred to this room yet.  
4.  Valances for the two smaller windows on either side of the bookcase.  
5.  Some funky art or vignette for the top of the bookcase.   

Any other ideas?!?!  Help a sister out!

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  1. WOW!! What a great makeover! :) I love the yellow accessories, and the headboard is so cool! You really did a great job on a budget. I am impressed.

    If I were you, I'd consider frosting the glass squares on the door to the room. You can buy Krylon (?) glass frost spray paint inexpensively at Lowe's, and it would give your guests more of a feeling of privacy.

    If you don't feel like waiting for a sewing machine, you could try that heat 'n bond stuff to hem with. I don't have any other suggestions. I think it's a great room!

    Thank you so much for linking up with me. I hope you have fun visiting around, and I hope you'll stop back by my blog again. :)

  2. Hey Amanda!

    I love the idea of using the frosting spray on the french doors, however, we rent this place and I am guessing the landlord wouldn't be too happy about it! Though I agree, something is needed for more privacy...possibly bamboo shades like we have on the front door (see Dining Room post)?

    I have used heat n' bond hem tape before (living room curtains, kitchen curtains, nook curtains) and think it is great!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. In love the PUNCH of yellow in the room it makes it so cohesive.

    Maybe you could have a large mirror kinda rectangular with a yellow frame above the bookase.

  4. Oh my gracious! It looks amazing!!! I'm so impressed by what you can do for $300. I love the headboard you made and great find on the little bedside table. Love the color scheme! Great job!

  5. Very nice - love the colors! If you want to you could even put window tint/frost that you can purchase at Lowe's and that IS removable. Not too cheap, but than it would still be very light and airy on those french doors. The clipboard idea was very cute,too! You are doing great and the room is not overcrowded even though it's doing double duty!

  6. (stopping by from the progress party)
    Good job! I love the way you've put everything together, the colors are super :)

    Have you thought about a place for guests to put their stuff? Maybe a small chest or a row of hooks (to hang up a robe, etc.) in the corner between the bed and IKEA unit?

    The only other thing I can think of is adding privacy to the doors - maybe installing inexpensive curtain rods at the top and bottom of the windows and hanging sheer panels? Or using frosted contact paper on the glass?

    PS - I'm married to a crazy smart engineer, too :)

  7. A truly amazin room for your budget! I am blown away by how clever the headboard is! Wow!! so cute and yet so cheap!! I'm gonna have yo lock that idea away for future reference!

    I love your yellow accents. very fresh and pretty.

  8. Alanna,

    I like the idea of some storage in the corner. Maybe I could even re-purpose an old standing coat hanger? It would give a place to hang things and also add some vertical dimension to the corner.

    Great suggestion!

  9. That headboard is fabulous! I love it! The room looks great, and I love the colours you used.

    As a guest I'd probably appreciate a little privacy on the french doors, and like alanna mentioned above a little something in the corner for guests to drop their bags... maybe a goodwill find chair?

  10. the grey and yellow color scheme. Did you find those orange/grey/red/yellow stickers from Basic Grey's Ambrosia Collection? I am doing a nursery in that color scheme! Found you over at Amanda's Progress Party.

  11. Hey Jen,

    Which stickers?? I didn't use any stickers in the room, but I would love to know what you are thinking!

  12. WOW! You've done an amazing job with your room! Your color scheme is great.

    Bamboo shades would be great for the French doors, or perhaps you could make shades of your own from fabric. I'm thinking that if you find fabric to make valances for the small windows, you could also make shades for the French doors from that fabric. You could even make them two-sided, using a different fabric on the back that would look good from the dining space.

    Thanks for showing the progress!

  13. Richelle,

    I love the idea of two sided panel curtains! Perfect!

  14. There are so many things I want to comment on about this amazing space you've created! First of all, I love the color scheme and how you've carried the yellow details throughout the room. The homemade headboard is great (and I'm making a mental note of the tile-idea for my own headboard project). We've got an IKEA Expedit shelve just like yours, but you've styled yours so much better than I did. And last, but not least-the clipboards with the textbook pages....what a great way to personalize the space!

  15. I love how you made this room functional with both a guest bed and a study area. My favorite thing of all is the headboard you created with styrofoam ceiling tiles - so creative! You could easily make other window coverings without a sewing machine using heat and bond. Go for it! You should be very proud of what you've accomplished her with a small budget.

  16. WOW! Great job with this makeover! I am loving the colors too.

  17. I really like the headboard, the gray and white striped shams, and all of the yellow. A great makeover!

  18. The heat bond is a great idea--you could even make valances with the heat bond too.
    Great ides for the guest part of your room.
    A bench or a couple of chairs at the end of the bed would work too.


  19. Wow it turned out great! Love the colors. And what a unique idea for the headboard. Love it!

  20. I absolutely love the transformation. The yellow is so fresh looking, it was a great choice. I would not use valances, as I generally think they close a room in. How about one yellow panel for each window, pulled/swagged to the outside of the window. For more privacy, you can buy frosted plastic made for windows and just press it in place-it will peal right off when you move.

  21. Wonderfully done; the faux headboard is brilliant! Bravo! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  22. love the colors you used in here! fantastic! and what a great headboard idea, too.

  23. For I rug they have some nice options at IKEA, although not for $12! Young House Love has a tut to make faux sheepskin rugs here:

  24. Lovely darling. Just lovely.
    XO - katie

  25. I love the yellow and blue colour scheme; the headboard is my favourite!


  26. Looks great! The yellow makes it so cheery & comfortable!

  27. Yellow and gray are such a fun color combination. Your idea to use ceiling tiles for the headboard is genius.


  28. Hi Breanna,

    How can I reach you direct?

    1. Sorry for the apprehension, but can I ask what this is in regard to?

  29. What a great idea to use ceiling tiles as a headboard. As I have searched I see they cost more around $3.50-$4. Where did you find them for $2ea? Thanks!

  30. Hi Amy,

    I used six tiles. I said that the total tile cost was around $20. This was quite a while ago and I don't recall the exact numbers anymore. I'm not sure where you got $2 each from? They likely were around $3.50 each as that would bring the total to $21.

  31. Hi Breanna,

    Oh...I don't know where I got the $2 either, geez I dropped a zero and thought I read, each. My mistake, sorry (it's time for the weekend). If you don't mind a few more questions. How high off the ground did you place the first row? The sticky adhesive squares holds strong enough they don't fall off? Would you say 3 tiles would work for the width of a Queen bed too (Full = 54", Queen = 60")? The headboard would be the exact same width as the queen if my calcs. are correct.

  32. I placed the first row where the wall met the mattress. There was a little overhang on each size with the futon, so I would think that it would fit a queen size just perfectly. I never had any problems with the tiles sticking. I used four adhesive squares per tile and in the year and a half they were up, I didn't have any fall or become unstuck. I took them down (because we moved) before they started to fall on their own. The one thing that I would caution against is that they are made of styrofoam. If the person using the bed is a night-time reader and likes to be propped up against the headboard, you may have some issues. We did this in a guestroom and it was only used lightly. I have no idea how it would hold up with everyday use. Hope that helps! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

  33. Where did you get the tiles? I went to Home Depot today and they only had the regular gross ones with all the holes????

  34. I ordered them online. I don't recall the name of the website, but if you do a search for "styrofoam ceiling tiles" you will find several options.

  35. There is a nice glass privacy contact paper that I use. I think it was around $5 at Lowes. That would work for your doors.